Pool enclosures get dirty fast and require extra reach to really clean the frame.  Our full service includes the frame, screen, pavers and surrounding areas of the pool enclosure (walls and windows under the enclosure). 

VINYL:  this type of fencing cleans up really nice with our basic service.

WOOD:  wood fencing and decking is a lengthier process but worth it.  We start with a basic wash and then recommend a stain or sealant for best results. 

COMMON JOBS: Driveways (Including Pavers), Entry / Walkways, Sidewalks, Pool Areas, Brick / Block Homes, Mailboxes

Bay Area Pressure Washing offers low and high pressure cleaning for all types of surfaces.  Our high pressure cleaning is truly effective on  concrete driveways, sidewalks , and walkways.  It is also used for brick and block homes that need the pressure to clean the hard porous surface! 

 COMMON JOBS: Entire Home, Siding, Windows, Roof, Shutters, Awnings, Gutters

Bay Area's process uses a low to zero pressure method of cleaning on the more delicate parts of your home.  Algae, mold, mildew, moss and lichen grow rapidly due to our warm environment and our services rapidly remove these.  Our safe techniques are gentle on the exterior of your home and all measures are taken to protect all of your plants, trees, and landscape.  This process restores, beautifies, and protects the life and value of your home while removing all harmful growths that return year after year. ​​  

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Our gutter cleaning service is essential for all the leaves that build up and prevent water flow to the down spouts.  We offer complete bagging and removal of the debris. 


Our services are not limited to residential cleanings.   We power wash everything from 1 to 5-story buildings. With a variety of services from roof cleaning to an exterior wash no job is too big or small! Check out some of our clients on our commercial page.